How do you use an Alloyman impact wrench on lug nuts?

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Impact wrenches are a fairly simple tool that most of us use when we go into the garage, even on a daily basis. However, they aren't so simple that you can hand them to someone who is completely unfamiliar with them without giving them a brief instruction. Therefore, in order to help you better understand and use the Alloyman 1/2-inch cordless impact wrench, we have written this user manual. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, this article will provide you with clear guidance to ensure that you can install and use this product.

The Alloyman 1/2-inch cordless impact wrench is a tool with outstanding performance. It has the advantages of high torque, variable speed trigger, etc. It has a maximum torque of 480 ft-lbs, which will save you time in handling any tough work. For example, removing tires from cars, trucks, and trailers. It is suitable for auto repair, large construction projects, heavy equipment maintenance, or product assembly. It has a wide range of applications, and I believe that learning how to use it will be a great help to your repair work.

How do you use an Alloyman impact wrench?

Electric impact wrench opening steps:

Step 1: Insert the battery in the direction of the latch. When you hear the latch sound, it means that it has been inserted.

Insert the battery

Step 2: Press the battery power button. Green indicates that the battery is sufficient. If the indicator light is red, it needs to be charged.

Check battery level

Step 3: Press down on the wrench power button to start the wrench.

Press down on the wrench switch key to start the wrench

Step 4: Press the small button on the left side of the socket to turn on the LED light.

Turn on the LED light

Installation of the socket steps:

Step 1: Insert the socket into the drive, with the socket's pinhole aligned with the drive's pinhole.

Install the socket into the impact wrench socket
Step 2: Insert the latch pin into the pinhole between the drive and the socket to secure the socket.

Fixing pin of electric impact wrench
Step 3: Other sizes of sockets can be installed according to the same steps.

Installing other size sockets for impact wrenches

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