How to Oil an Electric Chainsaw?

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Well-oiled chainsaws are like well-tuned instruments, providing smooth power for each cut. The chain oil keeps the chain and bar lubricated, minimizing friction and heat build-up, and ensuring a longer lifespan for your tool. This comprehensive guide will teach you how to lubricate your electric chainsaw and keep it in good condition. Whether you're a seasoned chainsaw user or just starting your journey, mastering the art of oiling your electric chainsaw will make a world of difference in your cutting experience.

Why Oil Your Electric Chainsaw?

Before we jump into the "how," let's grasp the importance of lubrication for electric chainsaws. Chainsaws, like hungry beasts, need a constant supply of chain oil to keep their chain and bar well-lubricated during operation. This lubrication is vital to minimize friction and heat, preventing premature wear and ensuring efficient cutting. Therefore we recommend oiling the chain and bar before starting any cutting project.

What kind of oil do you put in an electric chainsaw?

The Role of Chain Oil

Chain oil, also known as bar and chain oil, is specifically formulated to adhere to the chain and bar of the chainsaw. Unlike regular engine oil, chain oil is thicker and stickier, designed to stay on the chain even at high speeds. This consistent lubrication ensures that the chain glides smoothly along the bar.

Other Oil

If you do not have a dedicated Chain Oil, you can use other oils instead. Common alternative oils are:

Motor Oil: Motor oil makes a decent occasional oil substitute for your chainsaw.

Canola Oil: The high viscosity of canola oil makes it an ideal diluting solution condition. Also, there are areas where canola oil is cheaper than the manufacturer’s recommended chain oil.

Vegetable Oil: Vegetable oils are considered a safe and eco-friendly alternative for your chainsaw. Using them to trim trees poses no risk of harming your plants.

Olive Oil: It has good lubrication properties, and it is biodegradable.

Of course, when using other oils, the frequency of refueling needs to be considered so that the chain can be lubricated at any time.

How to Oil an Electric Chainsaw?

Now that we understand the significance of chain oil, let's get hands-on and learn how to properly lubricate an electric chainsaw.

Preparing the Chainsaw

Before you start oiling, always prioritize safety. Switch off the chainsaw and ensure it is disconnected from any power source. Place it on a stable surface.

Applying the Chain Oil

To begin oiling the chainsaw, locate the oil reservoir, which is usually back the bar and chain. Unscrew the oil cap and pour the chain oil into the reservoir. Avoid overfilling to prevent spillage. If your chainsaw doesn't have an oil reservoir, you can just use the oil bottle to drip chain oil onto the chain and bar.

Checking and Adjusting the Oil Level

After adding the chain oil, check the oil level regularly during use. Ensure that the oil reservoir does not run dry to maintain smooth lubrication. If you notice the oil level dropping rapidly, it may indicate a leakage or a faulty oiling system that needs attention.


Taking care of your electric chainsaw's lubrication is an essential aspect of maintaining its peak performance. Properly oiled chains ensure smoother cuts, longer tool life, and reduced wear and tear. As you've learned from this guide, regular chain oiling and maintenance can make all the difference in the efficiency and safety of your cutting tasks.

To further simplify the oiling process and address the inconvenience of frequent manual oiling, consider purchasing an electric chainsaw equipped with an automatic oiling system. These innovative systems automatically lubricate the chain and bar during operation, ensuring a continuous and optimal flow of oil without requiring constant monitoring.

Recommended Product: Bei & Hong mini chainsaw

The mini chainsaw is equipped with an upgraded chain lubrication system. for various quality chain lubricants. You can freely lubricate the chain at any time by just pouring the lubricant into the oil tank. With its built-in automatic oiling system, you can bid farewell to the hassle of frequently refueling your chainsaw. The automatic system ensures that the chain and bar are consistently lubricated, promoting smoother cuts and reducing the risk of overheating and premature wear.

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